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When you’re facing legal challenge involving your spouse, children, business, home, or more, Morales Law can fight for your best interest. That matters to our clients, because it means that when an issue, such as divorce, raises questions about child custody, spousal support, or what to do with a small business built with spouse, they can get the compassionate representation they need under one roof. We want to see our clients mold more hopeful futures for themselves, which is why we help them navigate their cases by being responsive and recognizing their unique needs.

We can help when you are facing the following family law issues:

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Your Advocates in a Family Law Dispute

We understand what it’s like to face a family law dispute in Santa Barbara, especially when you’ve been served with divorce papers, are fearful about losing custody of your children, or have anxiety about your financial future with spousal support and child support in the mix.

Even if the details of your case seem complicated and unclear, know that we’ve helped clients fight family law cases that probably look similar to yours. You are not alone, and working with us means you won’t have to stand up to your legal issues alone, either. Attorney Marcus Morales works with his clients to inform them of all possible strategies and options for their cases. His flexible availability on weekends and after normal business hours means you can count on him anytime you need him.

Client Testimonials

    “Marcus is a leader. He is truly there to help his client(s) achieve their goals.”

    - Satisfied Client

    “He is not afraid to take cases to trial and go to bat for you.”

    - Satisfied Client

    “Mr. Morales fights hard, is knowledgeable and will got the job done!”

    - Satisfied Client

    “He is always very professional and available for even the smallest of questions.”

    - Satisfied Client

    “The divorce is drawing to a close and I feel that he has consistently brought me value and expertise through this divorce proceeding.”

    - Satisfied Client