Santa Barbara Business Valuation Attorney

Ensuring Business Assets Are Protected during Divorce Proceedings

A divorce can mean the future of your business is in jeopardy. We have a record of giving Santa Barbara business owners peace of mind when it comes to a business valuation. We work with outside CPAs and other such experts who can help us gather and analyze information that could mean the difference in building a strong case. We can build a strategy to help you get the most when a divorce threatens your business, whether that’s retaining control as the sole owner or taking a buyout from your ex-spouse.

When valuing your business, we can employ some of the following methods and more:

  • Evaluation of sales proceeds
  • Assessment of book values
  • Adjustment of book values
  • Assessment of going concern value
  • Assessment of liquidation value
  • Determination of capitalized earnings

Begin building a strategy to preserve your business. Call Morales Law, P.C. at (805) 422-7966 today for a free consultation with a Santa Barbara business valuation attorney.

Your Business Can Survive

Like any community, but especially a tourist destination such as Santa Barbara, the backbone of our city owes its sturdiness to the hardworking owners of businesses large and small – business owners like you. Whether you are a big- or small-business owner, we know it’s not your hobby. Your business means the survival of your way of life – and the way you enjoy it, too.

A divorce can not only threaten what you’ve built, but threaten your way of life. Don’t let it. We can help you build a strategy that can increase your chances of keeping ownership over your business when the dust settles.

Don’t risk losing your business in a divorce. Contact us online or call (805) 422-7966 today to protect what you’ve built.


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Working with attorney Marcus Morales and the team at Morales Law means getting a responsive and personalized experience. We know what you’re up against, and we understand you’re working with us because you’ve reached a difficult point in your life. We want to help. Contact us today.

  • “Morales Law renewed my faith in the judicial system”


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