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When spouses have complex or substantial marital assets, the divorce process can become significantly more challenging. Although it is always important to hire an experienced divorce attorney in Santa Barbara to handle your divorce, it is even more essential when it comes to a high-asset divorce since the stakes are higher. At Morales Law in Santa Barbara, our team of family law attorneys is skilled in handling divorce cases that involve a large number of assets.

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Challenges In A High-Asset Divorce in Santa Barbara

Every divorce comes with its own unique challenges, but a high-asset divorce can be particularly difficult, especially without legal guidance, which is why it is crucial to hire a family attorney in Santa Barbara, California.

Here are some of the challenges you may face during this process:

  • If you were not involved in managing your household’s finances, it may be easy for your spouse to hide assets. Hidden assets are a common problem in high-asset divorce cases, so if you do not trust your spouse to disclose all of your assets, you will need an attorney who is skilled in knowing what to look for.
  • Not all of the assets in a high-asset divorce are straightforward. If you have a business, rental properties, or partnership holdings, for example, these will require expert valuation.
  • It is exceptionally more difficult to determine lifestyle in a high-asset divorce. In other cases, the lifestyle of both spouses and their children should remain the same, but this is not always possible for high-asset couples since their lifestyle is often outside of the norm.

You can rely on our divorce team to guide you through the difficulties you may face throughout this process.

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If you and your spouse have a substantial number of assets, the family law team at Morales Law in Santa Barbara can provide the exceptional legal guidance and support you need to get through it. High-asset divorce cases can be challenging and often require more time to finalize. You can rest assured that our team has the ability to ensure you get through it as smoothly as possible while protecting your interests.

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