Morales Law, P.C. Successfully Protects Client Assets in Court


Recently, Morales Law, P.C. won a case that we were not expected to win. In a divorce case, our client was accused by his ex-wife of stealing over $380,000 from a joint account. The opposing party requested reimbursement of the $380,000. The ex-wife made a claim known as a breach of fiduciary duty.

Our client stated that the funds were not community. Throughout the duration of our client’s case, which lasted almost a full year due to court closures, Marcus fought hard to prove our client’s position.

Our client’s ex-wife wanted to settle the claim for $380,000. We countered her offer at $25,000. The opposing party refused to accept our counter offer. Had she settled, she would have received $25,000, incurred fewer attorney’s fees, and resolved her case sooner.

In addition to the $380,000 that was in question, our client’s case also included mediation and a child custody dispute. After mediation and a MSC (Mandatory Settlement Conference), we were able to get our client an increase in visitation with his child to 50%.

Although our client was not favored to win his case, Marcus remained aggressive and did everything he could for our client both inside and outside of the courtroom. Because of this, Attorney Morales discovered that one discovery response, out of hundreds, contradicted the opposing party’s claims during trial. Since we were organized, prepared, and paid attention to detail, we were able to find the needle in the haystack and won our client’s case.

The judge ruled that the money in question belonged to family members of our client, therefore the husband was not ordered to pay his ex-wife any funds. The opposing attorney refused to settle for less than $380,000, yet after trial they ended up receiving nothing. Our client was so appreciative that he purchased a rare bottle of tequila for the Morales Law, P.C. team. This was a big win for our client, and for Morales Law, P.C..