Morales Law, P.C. Successfully Defends Father Against Claims of Mental Illness and Wins Joint Custody

The health of our client was used against him in a divorce and child custody case, but we fought against those claims. The previous custody order gave him just 12 hours of visitation per week, claiming that his prior mental issues including alleged hallucinations, depression, and other issues made child visitation with father unsafe. But, because of our aggressive approach, father was awarded joint legal and physical custody of the children. The children are thriving and enjoying their time with their father.

For the past two years, our client’s ex-wife was reluctant to allow visitation between our client and his children. Despite the public policy of the state to ensure children with frequent and continuing contact with both parents after their separation, she deprived the children of frequent contact with their father.

After a long and hard battle in court, our aggressive approach paid off and our client was awarded joint legal and physical custody of his children. This change gave our client 7x more custody than he had prior to hiring Morales Law, P.C.. Because Morales Law, P.C. was relentless and determined, our client gets to spend much more time with his children.