Client Discusses Positive Experience with Morales Law, P.C.


Our client sat down with Marcus and discussed her positive experience with Morales Law, P.C.. Regina raved about the support that Morales Law, P.C. provided her. After a successful outcome in her divorce case, Regina shows expressed her gratitude for Morales Law, P.C.’s representation.

Regina says:

“I think what I appreciated the most was that you stood up and fought for me and that you went on the offense. I also appreciated that your office was organized and clear, the communication was clear. I always knew what was going on.

I found your staff was very responsive, welcoming, and comforting. I think it’s such a hard time and so many things are up in the air, and it's scary because they are new. A lot of it is just scary. I never felt like I was annoying or bothering someone. And if Marcus was not available, Molly would answer and she is amazing. She showed up for me a couple of times.

I think the one thing I would tell my friends is: that you fought for me and that you’re not intimidated. You stood up for me, which my prior attorney did not do, even though we were in the right and had all the proof.”

Thank you, Regina, you were a pleasure to work for. Enjoy your beautiful home and your new beginnings!

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