Forensic Accountant For Divorce in Santa Barbara

Forensic Accountant For Divorce in Santa Barbara

By Marcus Morales on Apr 01, 2019 in Property Division

If you own a business in Santa Barbara, a forensic accountant is necessary to determine cash flow available for support. Many self-employed individuals claim personal expenses as business expenses. A Santa Barbara Divorce Forensic Accountant can determine what expenses are personal expenses and add those expenses to a parties income to pay support. Additionally, a Forensic Accountant for a divorce case in Santa Barbara can help provide an analysis helping determine which  expenses truly are business related and not personal. A Forensic Account in Santa Barbara can help determine the value of a small business, which may be divided in a divorce case. Below is a list of forensic accounts who practice in Santa Barbara courts:

Melissa Kasarjian, CPA, ABV CFF, CVA 

Susan Carlisle, CPA

Wayne Lorch, CPA 

Patrick Greene, CPA 

Gary Gray, CPA

Thomas G. Stevenson, CPA

Michael R. Smith, CPA

James Lisi, MBA 

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