Santa Barbara Child Custody Law- PEACE Class Requirement in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Child Custody Law- PEACE Class Requirement in Santa Barbara

By Marcus Morales on Jul 30, 2018 in Child Custody

In a Santa Barbara Child Custody case, unless there is an emergency or good cause, you must attend the PEACE class and mediation prior to the judge making a custody order in your case. The PEACE class is a co-parenting class that helps parents understand the affect separation has on the children. 

The PEACE class can be taken online. You must take the PEACE class prior to attending mediation. The PEACE class can be taken in person or online via the following link:

The PEACE class teaches parents about how separating or divorcing can affect children and learn about potential problem areas and how to reduce conflict. The PEACE class is also an introduction about the mediation process. 

After completing the PEACE class, a certificate will be given to you which you email to your lawyer who will file with the court. 

After you attend the PEACE class, you are able to attend mediation through Santa Barbara's Family Court Services. Our next blog will detail custody mediation in Santa Barbara. 

If you need a Child Custody Lawyer in Santa Barbara, call Morales Law today for a consultation. (805) 845-5405. 

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