What is a Mandatory Settlement Conference?

A Mandatory Settlement Conference (MSC) is similar to mediation in that it is a required meeting with both parties, their attorneys, and a neutral third party to attempt to settle the case to avoid going to trial.

Prior to the Mandatory Settlement Conference your attorney will draft a MSC statement. The purpose of a MSC statement is to bring the mediator up to speed with the details of your case and argue the legal factual arguments that support your case. A MSC statement will summarize the background of the case. Our office focuses on putting a lot more detail in our clients’ MSC statements than most attorneys do. This leads to more successful settlements overall.

You are required to attend the Mandatory Settlement Conference with your attorney. Your attorney will do the majority of the talking and will address all issues of the case. Both parties will try to come to an agreement on all issues, and if issues are unresolved, they will be decided at trial.

It is extremely important to have the best representation possible for your Mandatory Settlement Conference. If you have questions about an upcoming Mandatory Settlement Conference, please contact Morales Law, P.C. for a complimentary consultation. THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Factual circumstances will vary and require specific procedures. We are Santa Barbara Divorce Lawyers. This is for informational purposes only and should not be relied prior to, or in place of, consulting with legal counsel. Morales Law, P.C. can be reached at (805)-422-7966 or at www.mysantabarbaralawyer.com.