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A business is an asset which value needs to be determined and divided in a divorce. Santa Barbara is a unique community with many profitable business owners. We have helped a number of Santa Barbara business owners keep their businesses after divorce. There are number of strategies one can take in order to ensure the business will be awarded to you, or you can seek a buy out of your business from the other spouse. If the business can be sold on the open market, a sale can be sought.

In valuing your business, we can use a number of different valuation methods to best pursue your objectives. These include, but are not limited to:

  • evaluating sales proceeds
  • comparable, liquidation value
  • book value
  • adjusted book value
  • going concern value
  • capitalized earnings and more

We will work closely with CPAs, forensic accountants and more to ensure your rights are aggressively pursued. Call today to discuss strategies for your business in divorce.

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Mr. Morales was professional, courteous and fought hard for my family in my divorce case. He did not back down from any challenges. He stood up to the other attorney. When he is in court, he made my complicated divorce seem simple to the judge. The judge ended up ruling in our favor. Mr. Morales fights hard, is knowledgeable and will got the job done!

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