Santa Barbara Divorce Real Estate Appraisers

Santa Barbara Divorce Real Estate Appraisers

By Marcus Morales on Apr 17, 2019

In a Santa Barbara Divorce Case where one party owns real estate, a real estate appraiser can help persuade the court that your valuation is the proper market value. This is important for a number of reasons in Santa Barbara Divorce Law, not the least of which is determining the amount of equity in a property to determine how much each party will receive from the property. Or, if your Santa Barbara Divorce Lawyer advises, one party may buy out the other party for half of the equity in the community property. 

Below is a directory of Santa Barbara Divorce Real Estate Appraisers:

Rick Van Wickle 

Brian Barnwell

Scott McIver

David Jasso

Hammock, Arnold, Smith and Company

Jennifer Heath 

If you own a home, and are going through a Santa Barbara Divorce, give us a call for a free consultation into your matter to ensure your property will be protected in divorce. (805) 845-5405.

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Marcus has been extremely helpful in explaining the legal process of divorce, and helping me to come to an educated decision based on the legal matters while still taking into consideration my emotional outlook on everything. He is always very professional and available for even the smallest of questions. I'm SO happy that he has been my representation in what has been a very difficult and emotional case.

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