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Since 2011, Morales Law and attorney Marcus Morales have successfully represented divorce and family law clients in Santa Barbara.

Mr. Morales’ vision was to combine his passion as a legal scholar with a practical approach to problem solving. This results in an open and collaborative atmosphere, where the client is informed of all potential options and strategies. Together, Mr. Morales will work personally with you to develop legal strategies and solutions to meet your individual needs.

Ask any of our hundreds of satisfied clients in Santa Barbara and they will tell you that we will fight hard to pursue your case and leave no stone unturned.

Mr. Morales is in court nearly every morning, spending hours arguing cases in front of the only four Santa Barbara divorce and family law judges. Mr. Morales has a good reputation with the Santa Barbara judges and will ensure your case will receive fair consideration from your judge.

Mr. Morales typically personally returns all emails and phone calls the same day, and if not, by the close of the following business day. He fosters open communication with his clients and believes an open flow of communication between attorney and client is key to aggressive, result-oriented representation.

Give us a call today to discuss your divorce or family law matter: (805) 845-5405. When you’re ready to talk, I’ll be here.


  • Santa Barbara High School, Class of 2004
  • San Diego State University, Class of 2008 (Dean’s List)
  • New York Law School, Class of 2011 (Dean’s List)

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Clients Are Saying:

Although our custody case isn't quite over, we have seen a drastic improvement in leadership, dedication and responsiveness in comparison to our previous attorney. Marcus is a leader. He is truly there to help his client(s) achieve their goals. He is honest and he is fair. Hire him.

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Bitcoin and Divorce - Cryptocurrency Is the New Frontier For Divorce Cases, And Some Lawyers Are Crypto Ignorant

By Marcus Morales on Feb 13, 2018 in Featured Articles, Articles, Business Valuation, Child Support, Divorce, Prenuptial Agreements, Property Division, Spousal Support

When looking over bank statements and financial records the past couple of years in California divorce cases, we have noticed a couple of key words popping up in regards to cryptocurrency which signals red flags. One term is "coinbase". Coinbase is a digital exchange and wallet where cryptocurrency can be stored, purchased, sold and received. Think of coinbase like an online bank for cryptocurrencies.


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