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FAMILY CODE SECTION 5700.615-5700.616

5700.615. (a) Except as otherwise provided in Section 5700.711, if
a foreign country lacks or refuses to exercise jurisdiction to modify
its child-support order pursuant to its laws, a tribunal of this
state may assume jurisdiction to modify the child-support order and
bind all individuals subject to the personal jurisdiction of the
tribunal whether the consent to modification of a child-support order
otherwise required of the individual pursuant to Section 5700.611
has been given or whether the individual seeking modification is a
resident of this state or of the foreign country.
(b) An order issued by a tribunal of this state modifying a
foreign child-support order pursuant to this section is the
controlling order.

5700.616. A party or support enforcement agency seeking to modify,
or to modify and enforce, a foreign child-support order not under the
Convention may register that order in this state under Sections
5700.601 through 5700.608 if the order has not been registered. A
petition for modification may be filed at the same time as a request
for registration, or at another time. The petition must specify the
grounds for modification.