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4400. Except as otherwise provided by law, an adult child shall, to
the extent of his or her ability, support a parent who is in need
and unable to maintain himself or herself by work.

4401. The promise of an adult child to pay for necessaries
previously furnished to a parent described in Section 4400 is

4402. The duty of support under this part is cumulative and not in
substitution for any other duty.

4403. (a) Subject to subdivision (b):
(1) A parent, or the county on behalf of the parent, may bring an
action against the child to enforce the duty of support under this
(2) If the county furnishes support to a parent, the county has
the same right as the parent to whom the support was furnished to
secure reimbursement and obtain continuing support.
(b) The right of the county to proceed on behalf of the parent or
to obtain reimbursement is subject to any limitation otherwise
imposed by the law of this state.
(c) The court may order the child to pay the county reasonable
attorney’s fees and court costs in a proceeding by the county under
this section.

4404. In determining the amount to be ordered for support, the
court shall consider the following circumstances of each party:
(a) Earning capacity and needs.
(b) Obligations and assets.
(c) Age and health.
(d) Standard of living.
(e) Other factors the court deems just and equitable.

4405. The court retains jurisdiction to modify or terminate an
order for support where justice requires.