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3950. If a parent neglects to provide articles necessary for the
parent’s child who is under the charge of the parent, according to
the circumstances of the parent, a third person may in good faith
supply the necessaries and recover their reasonable value from the

3951. (a) A parent is not bound to compensate the other parent, or
a relative, for the voluntary support of the parent’s child, without
an agreement for compensation.
(b) A parent is not bound to compensate a stranger for the support
of a child who has abandoned the parent without just cause.
(c) Nothing in this section relieves a parent of the obligation to
support a child during any period in which the state, county, or
other governmental entity provides support for the child.

3952. If a parent chargeable with the support of a child dies
leaving the child chargeable to the county or leaving the child
confined in a state institution to be cared for in whole or in part
at the expense of the state, and the parent leaves an estate
sufficient for the child’s support, the supervisors of the county or
the director of the state department having jurisdiction over the
institution may claim provision for the child’s support from the
parent’s estate, and for this purpose has the same remedies as a
creditor against the estate of the parent and may obtain
reimbursement from the successor of the deceased parent to the extent
provided in Division 8 (commencing with Section 13000) of the
Probate Code.