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20000. (a) The Legislature finds and declares the following:
(1) Child and spousal support are serious legal obligations. In
addition, children are frequently left in limbo while their parents
engage in protracted litigation concerning custody and visitation.
The current system for obtaining child and spousal support orders is
suffering because the family courts are unduly burdened with heavy
case loads and personnel insufficient to meet the needs of increased
demands on the courts.
(2) There is a compelling state interest in the development of a
child and spousal support system that is cost-effective and
accessible to families with middle or low incomes.
(3) There is a compelling state interest in first implementing
such a system on a small scale.
(4) There is a compelling state interest in the development of a
speedy, conflict-reducing method of resolving custody and visitation
(b) Therefore, it is the intent of the Legislature in enacting
this part to provide a means for experimenting with and evaluating
procedural innovations with significant potential to improve the
California child and spousal support systems, and the system for
mediation, evaluation, and litigation of custody and visitation

20001. The Superior Courts of the Counties of Santa Clara and San
Mateo may conduct pilot projects pursuant to this part. Chapter 2
(commencing with Section 20010) shall govern the San Mateo County
Pilot Project, and Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 20030) shall
govern the Santa Clara County Pilot Project.

20002. The duration of the pilot projects shall be two years.