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7140. On application of a minor declared emancipated under this
chapter, the Department of Motor Vehicles shall enter identifying
information in its law enforcement computer network, and the fact of
emancipation shall be stated on the department’s identification card
issued to the emancipated minor.

7141. A person who, in good faith, has examined a minor’s
identification card and relies on a minor’s representation that the
minor is emancipated, has the same rights and obligations as if the
minor were in fact emancipated at the time of the representation.

7142. No public entity or employee is liable for any loss or injury
resulting directly or indirectly from false or inaccurate
information contained in the Department of Motor Vehicles records
system or identification cards as provided in this part.

7143. If a declaration of emancipation is voided or rescinded,
notice shall be sent immediately to the Department of Motor Vehicles
which shall remove the information relating to emancipation in its
law enforcement computer network. Any identification card issued
stating emancipation shall be invalidated.